Welcome to St Andrews

Welcome to our renewed St. Andrew’s website. It’s still (and will always be) a work in progress.

Here you will be able to find basic information about our parish, our worship times, our upcoming events and our programs.

Service Times

8:00 am
9:30 am (with Children’s Liturgy)

7:00am (during Lent)
10:00 am

All Welcome

World Day of Prayer

On 2 March 2018 at 10:00am, Cambridge Baptist is hosting the annual ‘World Day of Prayer’, a non-denominational prayer service for informed prayer about developing nations and churches around the world. This year the service is focusing on the needs of Suriname, a small, diverse, resource-rich country at the top of South America.
All are welcome to attend.

Youth Group

Lectio, our new Youth Group, meets every Saturday in the Parish Centre at 6:00pm. They are currently studying the Gospel of Mark (with pizza)

For further information contact Fr Malcolm @ 027 722 8854 or email iona@accesscomm.ca

Afternoon Women’s Fellowship

The next meeting is on 28 February, which is a bus trip.
Meet at St Andrews by 12:15pm, bus leaves at 12:30pm.
For more information, please phone the parish office on 07 827 6751.

Evening Women’s Fellowship

Our first meeting for the year will be on Wednesday 21 February at the home of Katharine and David Milson (please contact Lynne Johnston for address details)

The programme for the evening is:

  • 6:30pm start for those who would like to swim and 7:30 for those who prefer to stay dry!
  • A short service lead by Diana
  • Informal report on the Fair and any other matters for discussion
  • Fellowship time, along with tea/coffee and some delicious desserts (provided by committee)

Lenten Study 2018

Hope: Through Lent with Romans
Writers: Kelvin Wright and Peter Carrell

The studies offer a brief introduction to the Epistle to the Romans:

Study One: Hope for the world (Romans 1:1-17)
Study Two: Basis for hope (Romans 3:19-31)
Study Three: Hoping against hope (Romans 4:13-25)
Study Four: Enduring with hope (Romans 5:1-11_
Study Five: Hope for transformation (Romans 8:1-17)
Study Six: Suffering with hope (Romans 8:18-39)
Study Seven: Rejoicing in hope (Romans 12:1-13)
Study Eight: Abounding in hope (Romans 15:1-13)

Two study groups are available, the first starting on Wednesday 14 February at 11am in the Centre and will be led by Rev Tim Frank. To register please sign up on the relevant clipboard in the Church Porch.
The second will be an evening group (day to be confirmed), starting the same week as the Wednesday group, and led by Rev Juliet Drage. A clipboard will be provided for registration once a day is confirmed.

Booklets for the study are $8 each and will soon be available to purchase from the office.

2018 Book Study

A 32 week book study looking at leading figures in Christian spirituality from Irenaeus to Antony to Patrick to Julian of Norwich to Dorothy Day to Rosemary Radford Reuther.
The books (God Seekers) have been purchased and are $30 each. This is the sequel to last year’s Book Study, Glorious Companions.
There will be two groups: Tuesdays at 7pm and Thursdays at 2pm beginning 10 April in the Centre, ending in November. To register, please sign up on the relevant clipboard in the Church Porch.
For further information contact Fr Malcolm @ 027 722 8854 or email iona@accesscomm.ca