Men’s Dinners

St Andrew’s Men’s Dinners

Every now and then it’s good for the men in the parish to get together and catch up with one another over a simple meal. Essentially, that’s what the St Andrew’s Men’s Dinners are about … good company, simple fare, and something interesting to think about.

The Men’s Dinners generally happen every month, usually on the third Thursday of the month, and normally include a meal of Fish & Chips, Pizza or a simple meal.

The evening is about being together as well as listening to a guest speaker. The speakers we invite may talk about something that relates to our local community, the particular interests of men, or something of general interest. The topics in the past have ranged from Men’s health, to global warming, to classic motorcycles, and the Economic crisis.

Any men are welcome to attend the evenings which are well advertised in parish magazine & the weekly parish pew sheet, and also here when available.

For more information contact the Parish Office, ph (07) 827 6751

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